Capt (Retd) Shahnawaz Yaqub Bhatti

As a real estate consultant I have found this app to be a blessing in disguise, I have been waiting for years for some thing like this which makes an agents job easy and unlike other portals requires zero technical know how to use. I love the digital maps and driving directions which make it so much easier to go around the phases and looking at all those plots on your own. I believe this app will change plot buying and selling forever. I recommend it for all agents and investors and those who wish to buy or sell the plot to download it immediately.

Hassan Farooq Nizami

This is a wonderful app, very innovative with easy interface. I love the offer system as that will make it so much more easy to communicate with the sellers agent. Wishlist is another wonderful feature which I am very excited to explore . I will recommend that Amaraat is a must have app for everyone who wants to buy or sell there plot.